Are Home Security Systems Worth It In Myrtle Beach?

November 17, 2020
are security systems worth it in Myrtle Beach

Establishing a home alarm system has been heralded as a great way to help protect your home from intrusions and fire. However, putting up security devices and spending money for monitoring might seem like a large undertaking. You should only spend money into security that actually protects your family, so are home security systems in Myrtle Beach worth it?

That's a question only you and your family can decide on. To help you out, read this list of points to think about when making the decision.

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Here’s Why Home Security Systems Are Worth It In Myrtle Beach

Alarms Systems Warn You To An Intrusion

Once on, your motion sensors, window and door sensors, and security cameras sit at the ready to inform you of a break-in. Alerts could show up as a high decibel siren or as a notification on your mobile device. An Vivint monitoring professional also responds to any security alarm.

If you don’t have a security system, you may wake up from the sound of a door creaking. If you do, you’ll have to slowly creep down the stairs to find out what's going on. If a thief enters your house when you're away from home, then you won't know until you arrive at your doorstep.

Professional Monitoring Answers Your Security Alarms

When most people inquire if a home security system is worth it in Myrtle Beach, they mostly refer to the repeating charge for around-the-clock security monitoring. This service has a monitoring professional in charge of reacting to motion sensors, fire alarms, or other emergency alerts. And they’re "on-call" 24/7/365.

If you're not home to listen for the ringing alarm sirens, or you can’t see the alert notification on your phone, you're still covered. Within a few seconds, a monitoring rep contacts you to see if you are safe. Then they alert the proper emergency service. The comfort of professional monitoring usually becomes a big benefit in deciding to get a security system in Myrtle Beach.

A Security System Might Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

A home alarm system may reduce your home insurance premiums -- especially if a system uses professional monitoring. Your insurer now look at you as a decrease in risk with less security problems, which leads to discounts. You could also see that a home security system increases your home’s resale value. And it’s a attractive perk for house hunters.

A Home Security System Can Protect Against More Than Invasion

Many alarm systems with linked monitoring can respond to more types of emergencies than burglary. Monitored fire alarms can sense both fire and heat. Flood sensors can warn you of pooling water. And carbon monoxide detectors will sound off when they sense the silent, odorless gas. Or you can even use a portable panic button for unanticipated emergencies.

A Connected Security System Can Make Your House More Efficient With Home Automation

When you pair your high-tech alarm system with home automation, your house gets burglary protection while becoming more efficient. That's because a myriad of systems, like smart lights, smart locks, and smart temperature controls, can be linked using z-wave connections. Control all of your devices with the same home security app, like Vivint Smart Home app, and see life in new and practical ways.

For instance, you can program your your downstairs lights to turn off, turn down the temperature, and arm your security system when you leave the house. Then power down your alarms, raise the kitchen lights, and send a phone alert to your significant other when you pull up the driveway. With your automated devices, you can also set triggers for security events -- like having your lights turn on during a triggered alarm or turning off the heat during a fire.

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Why A Home Security System Could Not Be Worth Pursuing In Myrtle Beach

You Have To Set Your Sensors To Detect Intrusion

Your alarms won’t guard your home if it's not turned on. Common sense tells you that you should never leave the house or go to bed without setting the alarm. But you can easily forget, especially when you never saw a problem in the past. When you don’t flip on your alarms, a window can break or a lock knocked off without your family or your monitoring center alerted.

Of course, you can program some features that help you arm your system automatically. For instance, program your doors to lock up tight at the same time every day. Or program them to react to the front door, so your alarms arm when you leave the house. If you have a voice assistant, you can activate your devices with voice commands. And, of course, some devices, like your fire, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors, always stay active.

An Active System Has A Monthly Commitment

Modern home security systems, like what Vivint supports, come with a monthly commitment for 24/7 monitoring. That could feel like a lot of dollars to blow on a protection you may not ever use. You will also need to finance the install -- that is unless you find a special deal to help defray the final bill.

However, professional monitoring seems more critical when you consider that most security emergencies happen when you're away from home. When a alarm detects something’s off, your monitoring center contacts both you and emergency services. You may discover the police at your place before you arrived home. And if you're out of town, your alarm monitoring makes sure help show up even though you’re away.

An Vivint Security System From Vivint Is Always Worth It

If you decide that an Vivint security system is worth it in Myrtle Beach, your initial step is to call Vivint. Our experts will help you find the perfect security bundle for your family. Just phone (843) 483-5033 or send in the form below.