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Can I use an indoor camera as a baby monitor in Myrtle Beach?

May 30, 2023
Parent using smartphone to view video of child from indoor camera

Your new nursery is close to being set for your beloved child. You devoted countless hours building the cradle, decorating the walls, and arranging the changing station.You even included the extra touch of some plush animals on a shelf. But how are you going to keep an eye on your infant? You can opt for the standard approach with a basic audio monitor or take it a bit further and employ the video cameras available to you in your comprehensive home security system.

Although it may seem a bit unexpected to use an indoor camera for a baby monitor in Myrtle Beach, it’s a great choice when you consider the benefits.

Your home’s indoor cameras in Myrtle Beach are great baby monitors

One of the most significant things to know is that your indoor cameras are components of a comprehensive system and available through one simple app. This gives you practicality and comfort since you can keep an eye on your child from any location via your phone or mobile device. Here are some more reasons why they make sense:

  • Live high-definition video footage: You’ll appreciate detailed, high-resolution images of your baby. You may even watch recorded segments directly from your phone.
  • Bi-directional audio: Not only can you hear the sounds from the room, you have the chance to verbalize to your loved one right through your indoor camera. This is a beneficial feature to calm a troubled sleeper. In addition, you may use the talk feature via your cell phone app, regardless of your location.
  • Wide-angle views: Your indoor security camera will have a much better viewing angle than most traditional baby monitors. You’ll see every move your tot makes.
  • Motion-sensing with updates: If your little one decides rest time is finished and wishes to get out of the crib, you are able to receive motion-activated alerts dispatched directly to your phone.
  • One-touch communications: Even though this benefit is typically for older offspring, it’s still worth bringing up. With a simple press of a button, your youngster can contact you via cell phone app.

Having your entire smart home right in a smartphone app is a terrific bonus. If you find that your little one is having trouble falling to sleep and decide it may be a tad stuffy in the nursery, you are able to alter the temperature on your smart thermostat. In the event they arise, you can switch on the area’s smart lights to notify them you’re on your way. Have more than one child? You can use another indoor camera and still have access to both of them with one smartphone app.

Customize Your Myrtle Beach smart home with indoor cameras

Would you like to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor? Design your own Myrtle Beach smart home and enjoy the peace of mind and security Vivint’s advanced surveillance systems can provide. Contact (843) 483-5033 today and learn how we can make your home more convenient and safer for every member of your family.